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The Department of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) was founded in 2002 and is the youngest department in KPI. Igor Sikorsky, which is developing rapidly. From June 1, 2018, the Department of Power Plants, which was organized in 1922 and is one of the oldest departments of the University, has been attached to the Department of RES.

The department carries out three-level training of specialists "Bachelor - Master - Doctor of Philosophy" in the specialty 141 "Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics" according to educational training programs:

Non-traditional and renewable energy sources (RES)

Power stations

(More details on the training program "Power Stations" can be found here)

Students of the educational program "Unconventional and Renewable Energy Sources" in practice participate in the design, construction and operation of power plants using renewable energy sources: wind, photovoltaic, hydropower and geothermal systems and stations, integrated power systems based on renewable energy sources heat supply using solar collectors and heat pumps of different types; biomass energy conversion and utilization systems for the production of new fuels, as well as electricity and heat.

They master the methods of mathematical and physical modeling, theory and calculation of information and diagnostic systems, optimization of power plants using computer technology, participate in the development of monitoring systems for generators based on renewable energy sources.

Students are given the opportunity to undergo military training under the reserve officers' program

The best students of the department study in the graduate school of KPI. Igor Sikorsky. For students who are fluent in English or German, internships are possible in leading Ukrainian renewable energy companies, as well as in foreign companies and organizations working in the field of renewable energy.

After graduating from university, you will become the owner of modern knowledge in the field of design and operation of renewable energy converters, power plants and guaranteed power supply systems.

Graduates of the educational program "Unconventional and Renewable Energy Sources" work at modern enterprises that design and install photovoltaic and wind power plants, heating and cooling systems using heat pumps. Our graduates also develop projects of hydropower plants, schemes of integration of large wind and photovoltaic plants into the power system of Ukraine. Many graduates who have received in-depth computer training are involved in software development for power facilities and IT fields. Bachelors and masters also work in design bureaus, research institutes and universities and public organizations dealing with the development of renewable energy.

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    Національний технічний університет України «Київський політехнічний інститут імені Ігоря Сікорського» запрошує на навчання випускників шкіл 2021 року.
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    - Кращий технічний університет України
    - Диплом європейського зразка, що визнається у будь-якій країні світу
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    - Стипендія у розмірі 1400-2500 грн/міс
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    - Можливість стажування за кордоном у кращих університетах та провідних підприємствах світу
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