Employees of the Department of RES were organizers and executors of the following scientific and technical projects:


"Improving the efficiency of the heating system of the office building through the use of local renewable energy sources"  № 0108U001483


Establishment and support of the Ukrainian-Polish Research Center for Improving Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency


Improving the efficiency of parallel operation modes of traction power sources of an eco-car taking into account the intensity of solar radiation and biodiesel parameters (№2634-п) 2013-2014 DR №0113U001641 


Improving energy efficiency and stimulating the use of renewable energy in agri-food and other small and medium enterprises (SMEs) of Ukraine (GEF, UNIDO)


Optimization of operating modes of hybrid eco-car based on photovoltaic batteries and biodiesel fuel  № 0111U002500  (№ 2435 - п) 2011-2012.


Development of the power take-off scheme of Takil wind farm. Agreement № 417 dated April 30, 2010


Research of the possibility of connection to the electric networks of Sudak wind farm with a capacity of 50-100 MW. GDR №409 - 2009.

Development and implementation of a training and research facility for the production of diesel biofuel. Agreement №2254-n dated 01.01.2009.


Study of the potential of renewable energy sources and development of methods for their application for autonomous energy supply of scientific infrastructure and environmental monitoring of Zmiiny Island. Agreement MR / 324-2008.


Creating a database on the physical and mechanical properties of structural materials used in renewable energy facilities and their degradation during long-term operation. NDR ЧНЧ / 433- 2007.


Estimation of possible participation of capacity of perspective wind farms of Kherson region. in covering the maximum electrical loads of the power system. GDR № 14-57 / 06 - 2006

Analysis of the peculiarities of construction and operation of offshore wind farms and the possibility of their application in Ukraine. GDR 08/06 - 2006

Development of an electric drive system and charging of electric vehicle batteries from renewable energy sources. GDR № 2999-p. 2006 - 2008