In 2022, instead of the traditional external evaluation, graduates of secondary education institutions will take the national multi-subject test (BAT) in the Ukrainian language, mathematics and history of Ukraine.

The Department of RES prepares:

  • bachelors in the specialty 141 “Electric power, electrical engineering and electromechanics” in the educational program (specialization) “Unconventional and renewable energy sources”
  • Masters in Educational Program “Unconventional and Renewable Energy Sources”

Thorough and comprehensive training of our specialists opens up great opportunities for employment in all energy departments:

  • on power plants with renewable energy sources; at nuclear, hydro, heat, wind and solar power plants;
  • in heat and power supply systems, industrial, agricultural and communal enterprises;
  • in institutions dealing with ecology and energy saving;
  • in institutions of electric power systems, distribution networks and power supply systems of industrial enterprises;
  • academic institutes, research and design institutions of the industry.

Stages of the admission campaign and the work schedule of the Admissions Committee

List of required documents

Various questions related to admission to the university, and answers to them can be found on our website and on the website Admissions Committee “KPI named after Igor Sikorsky”

Advantages of “KPI named after Igor Sikorsky”:

  • The best technical university of Ukraine
  • Diploma of European standard, recognized in any country in the world
  • High level of training
  • Scholarship in the amount of 1600-2400 UAH / month
  • Dormitory for all out-of-town students
  • Opportunity for internships abroad in the best universities and leading companies in the world
  • Free training (at the expense of the state budget)

Information booklet of the department (download PDF)

Pre-university training

KPI Institute for Educational Quality Monitoring Igor Sikorsky (IMIAO KPI named after Igor Sikorsky) announces a set of students for preparatory courses for the 2018 – 2019 academic year (License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: Series AE №527265 from 09.09.2014)

1.Organization of the educational process

  • Recruitment for preparatory courses IMIAO KPI them. Igor Sikorsky is carried out within the approved license volume.
  • Classes start: from October 1, as the study groups are completed.
  • Classes are held in study groups at the university.
  • Training is carried out in three competitive subjects that correspond to the chosen direction of training.
  • According to the license, training is carried out in the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Foreign Language, History of Ukraine, Ukrainian Language and Literature.
  • Leading university teachers who have many years of experience in the system of pre-university training KPI named after Igor Sikorsky.
  • The methodological and software of the preparatory courses allows to optimally synchronize during the academic year two interrelated processes: in-depth preparation for external independent assessment (EIE) and bringing the level of knowledge of students in basic disciplines to the requirements of university programs.
  • Tuition is paid. Payment is made in accordance with the approved estimates.
  • In order to conduct in-depth and purposeful career guidance of students, as well as taking into account in their preparation the level and specifics of the requirements of individual departments of the University, Faculties (Institutes) KPI. Igor Sikorsky is given the right to open branches of preparatory courses IMIAO KPI them. Igor Sikorsky on its base, by concluding bilateral agreements on cooperation between IMIA KPI. Igor Sikorsky and the Faculty (Institute) of the University.

2. Attestation of students

  • At the end of the academic year, the student receives a Certificate with its final rating, which is an integral indicator of the quality of his knowledge of three program competitive subjects. This indicator is formed during the entire period of study, as a result of constant monitoring by the Center for Testing and Monitoring of Knowledge KPI. Igor Sikorsky of all kinds of educational achievements of the listener.
  • The main type of independent work of the student of preparatory courses during the academic year is the implementation and defense of a cycle of individual certification work (IAR) in each subject.
  • Visual control of the quality of the student’s knowledge in all subjects is carried out in the form of final attestation tests (PAKR).
  • On the basis of the received final rating, at entrance on engineering and technical directions of preparation, to the student additional points are added (according to Conditions of reception in high school of Ukraine).

3. The order of enrollment in preparatory courses

You can enroll in preparatory courses in person at:
Kyiv, street Polytechnic, 14, building 16, room 129.

You must have: 2 photos (3 x 4), a photocopy of the passport (photocopy of birth certificate), a photocopy of the extract of registration of residence and a photocopy of the Identification Number.

Phones for inquiries: (044) 204 – 90 – 53; (097) 710 – 14 – 58 Monday-Friday from 10:00 to 17:00; Saturday from 09:00 to 15:00
With electronic registration, every 10th listener receives a nice bonus from IMIAO KPI. Igor Sikorsky (Read more)

Cost of education

The cost of training at the expense of legal entities and individuals in the specialty 141 Electric power, electrical engineering and electromechanics in KPI. Gorya Sikorsky for 2021/2022 is:

 Full-time form of studyPart-time form of study
The first (bachelor’s) level of higher education 20 900 UAH12 300 UAH
The second (master’s) level of higher education24600 UAH12300 UAH


The address of the Admissions Committee of KPI. Igor Sikorsky:

Ukraine, 03056, Kyiv, street Polytechnic, 14, building 16.

Phone: (+380 44) 204-96-45, 204-96-46

Admissions Committee website:


The admission commission for foreign citizens is located in the 31st building (5-A Metalistiv Street).

Website of the Admissions Committee for Foreign Citizens:

Address of the selection committee of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation:

Ukraine, 03056, Kyiv, street Polytechnic, 14, building 16, room 146 (4th floor).

Admission hotline:   (+380 99) 030-96-93

career guidance issues: (050) 682-80-07,

Contacts of the Department of Renewable Energy Sources:

Kyiv, street Polytechnic, 37, building 20, room 318 (3rd floor).

Head of the Department of RES: Corresponding Member. NASU, Ph.D., Professor Kudrya Stepan Alexandrovich

Deputy Head of the Department: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Budko Vasyl Ivanovych

phone. +380 44 204 8191