“Integrated use of renewable energy sources”

The scientific school has three generations of scientists:


Fundamentally applied scientific school “Integrated use of renewable energy sources”

Field of science: Energy and energy saving.

Напрям: Енергетика та енергоефективність.Direction: Energy and energy efficiency.

Supervisor: Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine (2002), Director of the Institute of Renewable Energy of NASU, Head of the Department of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) KPI. Igor Sikorsky Kudry Stepan Alexandrovich.

The scientific school was founded in 1979 by the rector of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (now the I. Sikorsky National Technical University of Ukraine), professor, doctor of technical sciences, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Hero of Socialist Labor Denisenko GI. schools are composed of scientists of the teaching staff of the department of RES KPI. Igor Sikorsky and the Institute of RES of NASU, which are members of the joint scientific and pedagogical association.

Fundamental research of the scientific school is aimed at the systematic introduction of renewable energy sources, development of modeling theory, analysis and synthesis of complex energy supply systems based on RES, development of new approaches and means of efficient operation of energy systems both compatible and RES. Applied research of the school is aimed at improving the quality of integrated systems based on RES and improving the guaranteed energy supply of individual consumers, development and implementation of new methods of energy extraction from generating equipment with RES at dominant modes, development of new modes of complex systems for different types of loads. a combination of different methods and types of energy storage.

The results of research are widely implemented in the educational process with the creation of 5 laboratories of the department and 22 new disciplines. Over the past 10 years, the school’s scientists have established training centers and laboratories (together with IVE NASU, ATMOSFERA, Apogee GmbH, Antap-Ukraine) with a total cost of more than 123 thousand US dollars, which conduct educational process, research and training. The average annual volume of innovative economic and contractual issues is about UAH 300,000. for a year.

During the existence of the school: 8 doctors, 29 candidates of sciences and more than 150 masters were trained. More than 20 research works have been performed, most of which have been implemented in production. During the existence of the department more than 20 monographs, more than 10 textbooks and manuals were published, 22 methodical recommendations for laboratory, course, home tests were developed. For the last 5 years more than 150 scientific works intellectual property rights.

Received 2 State Prizes of Ukraine in the field of science and technology (Prof. Kudrya SO, 2002, Assoc. Prof. Kyrylenko VM, 1989) and victory in the competition “Leader of the fuel and energy complex” (Prof. Kudrya S. O., 2006).

The school’s scientists are cooperating internationally with the Polish Center for Energy Efficiency, the Solar Energy Center (Solar Zentrun, Germany), the Folkecenter (Denmark), and Robert Bosh to improve the efficiency of RES-based systems.