The list of laboratories of the department of automation of electromechanical systems and electric drive in which the educational process on OPP of the bachelor “Unconventional and renewable energy sources” is carried out

№ premisesName of the laboratoryLaboratory passport
313Laboratory of electrical materialsDownload
314Ukrainian-Polish Center for Renewal of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy EfficiencyDownload
317Laboratory of operation of RES installationsDownload
429Laboratory of photo- and solar energyDownload

Laboratory of solar photo and heat energy (room 429-20, balcony of the building №20)

On the balcony of the building № 20 there are wind turbines and samples of both industrial solar panels and solar collectors, and photomodules made by students of the department. The laboratory № 429-20 is equipped with equipment for laboratory and practical classes, where students acquire skills in the design, installation and operation of solar panels and solar collectors. During laboratory works researches of volt-ampere characteristics of solar batteries, efficiency of production of the electric power depending on illumination (research of work of photomodules both in the mode of direct solar radiation, and in the mode of shading, and also in various weather conditions On the balcony with a light sensor, the operational characteristics of photomodules are also studied, such as maximum power, efficiency, loss resistance, wear factor, etc.

Ukrainian-Polish Center for Development of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency (k.314-20)

The Ukrainian-Polish Center for the Development of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency Technologies was established on the basis of the RES Department, established through the Polish Embassy and funded by the Polish Technical Assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.

The main goal of the project is

• Creating an educational base for the study of modern technologies and their application.
• Installation of equipment related to renewable energy sources (solar panels and heat pumps by HEWALEX, as well as a comprehensive monitoring system by PROMAR). The equipment provided by the Polish side is a laboratory base for the educational process conducted at the Department of Renewable Energy Sources.
• Advanced training and retraining of specialists in the field of renewable energy and development of cooperation in the field of RES for various target groups: researchers, teachers, entrepreneurs, students and experts from Ukraine, Poland and the EU.

The laboratory has an air-to-water heat pump that uses low-temperature thermal energy of atmospheric air to heat water in the heating system in classrooms №№ 311 – 314.
Students study the modes of operation of the heat pump, the efficiency of thermodynamic conversion of electrical energy into heat depending on the temperature of the air and the temperature level of the heating system.
Also various designs of metalplastic windows with temperature sensors on external and internal surfaces for definition of heat losses and studying of bases of power audit of rooms are established. Sensor indicators are registered by a comprehensive monitoring system of PROMAR and displayed on the website of the Polish-Ukrainian Center for Renewable Energy.

A solid fuel boiler (TPK) with a thermal capacity of 25 kW was installed, which heats four classrooms of the 20th building (315-318 classrooms) of the Department of RES of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation of KPI. Igor Sikorsky, as well as a monitoring system that collects information on heat produced, fuel consumption and current data of the system